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Board of Directors and Management Team

Ronald H. Hochhalter | Chairman and President *
DeAnn G. Hochhalter | CEO and Senior Executive Vice President *
James A. Restucci | COO and Executive Vice President, Secretary *
DeLeesa D. Restucci | CFO and Executive Vice President, Treasurer *
Matthew J. Kinley | Independent Director
Timothy R. Messman | Independent Director
Jeffrey S. Lee | Independent Director

Axcess Internet Services, Inc.® is a privately held company, owned and operated by the officers of the corporation.  Day to day management is handled by the Management Team under the direction of the board of directors.  For investment opportunities, please contact DeLeesa Restucci, CFO at 1-866-4AXCESS or via investor@axcess.us

Board Independence

Three of Axcess' seven Board Members are independent.  Independent members do not have any material relationship with the company outside of their board service and do not receive any direct or indirect benefit from the company outside of their director's fee.

denotes member of the Management Team

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